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Commercial Water Filtration Systems and Maintenance

Commercial Water Filtration Systems and Maintenance



Premium Commercial Water Filtration Systems and Maintenance
KASCO supplies and professionally installs commercial water filtration systems on a wide variety of food service equipment and in food preparation stations which require a clean, safe water supply.

Preventive maintenance and regularly scheduled filter changes by KASCO's professional technicians means you don't have to worry about replacing filters before they go bad.

Visit our water filtration service page for additional information or call us at 1-800-325-8940.

Video Transcript:

KASCO SharpTech - one call for the installation, maintenance, and service of commercial water filtration and scale prevention systems.

Unchanged filters and scale inserts accumulate excess amounts of algae, particulates, scale, and contaminants resulting in scale buildup, corrosion, equipment damage, and more importantly, unsafe water.  These filters were removed from actual commercial food prep equipment. They were not replaced on a regular basis which resulted in output water quality far worse than the tap water that went in.  Imagine this contaminated water being fed to YOUR equipment! This could have been prevented if this customer had used KASCO's scheduled routine filter change program.

KASCO’s cost effective scheduled filter change program takes the worry out of maintaining your commercial water filtration systems.  Regular filter changes and treatment system maintenance will ensure safe food preparation, efficient equipment operation, and less maintenance of your water-fed equipment.  Our scheduled filter change program includes recording the locations of your water filtration and scale prevention systems, the last change and next change due dates for each system, and a professional evaluation of your water treatment system’s operations.  A factory trained KASCO technician will arrive at your location at regular intervals and replace all required filter cartridges and scale inserts, document the work done, and walk you through the changes made.  KASCO makes water filter changes worry-free.  Our scheduled changes give you the peace of mind that your water-fed equipment will last longer and run more efficiently, and that you’re food preparation operations are clean and safe.

In addition to filter changes, KASCO can install new water treatment systems or replace old systems on ice machines, coffee makers, produce misting systems, combi-ovens, steamers, proofers, and other water-fed equipment.  Our taste, odor, and scale system includes a disposable, self-contained cartridge which houses a carbon block and scale insert.  This attractive system is clean and compact, can be mounted for easy access, and the cartridge is easily chanaged.  The KASCO system can replace most two-housing two-filter systems which are usually messy and dirty to change.  With the KASCO water treatment system your food operation areas remain clean and organized.

KASCO SharpTech….your complete water filtration and scale prevention solution.

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