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Meat Cutting Band Saw Blades Video

Meat Cutting Band Saw Blades Video


Meat Band Saw Blades Video


Quality Meat Cutting Band Saw Blades from KASCO
For more than 110 years, KASCO SharpTech has been the industry leader in the manufacture of quality sharp edge cutting products.   Our engineering, design, lean manufacturing and quality control processes ensure every KASCO blade is the best in the industry. 

KASCO meat cutting blades are manufactured using only the highest quality fatigue-resistant polished carbon and stainless strip material from the world’s best steel producers. 

Tooth profiles are precision ground using the most sophisticated and accurate machinery available.

Cutting edges on our bone-in  meat-cutting blades are induction heat treated and held to extremely tight hardness standards to ensure you receive the sharpest, most durable, and longest lasting product on the market.

The ‘set’ on toothed blades are held to very tight tolerances to ensure every KASCO SharpTech blade produces clean, straight, consistent cuts on all meat cutting band saws.

Throughout the manufacturing process every blade receives a series of quality inspections to ensure each blade exceeds industry standards for durability, consistency, blade life, sharpness, hardness, and performance.

Our welds are so uniform in strength and structure that we unconditionally guarantee them.

After welding, bands are individually wrapped to protect the blade and provide safe handling.  The wrap is color coded and digitally printed to easily identify the type and size.

The quality that goes into every KASCO SharpTech blade produces cleaner, faster cuts through meat and bone resulting in less waste and spoilage and greater cost savings for your operation.

KASCO SharpTech blades are available in a wide variety of edge profiles, widths, and thicknesses to satisfy every meat, poultry and fish cutting requirement.

From the packing house to the meat room to the display case, the performance you get from a KASCO SharpTech band saw blade means higher yield and lower costs for your meat cutting operation. 

Trust KASCO SharpTech blades for the performance your meat cutting operation demands.

Call 800-325-8940 or visit us at

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